Sunday 04th December 2016,
Choosing Things of Life

Welcome to Choosing Things of Life!

God does not care if you have been homeless or are a millionaire; if you have been a Christian for years or are just seeking the truth today. When we begin our relationship with God, we all must start from this same place. Nobody comes to the table with more than anyone else. God made everything, owns everything and has gifted each of us with the talents that we bring. Nobody can stand before God in an elevated or diminished position. It’s up to us to either choose the things of eternal life (Christ) or the opposite…  things of spiritual death.

My hope is that this site will help you to strengthen your faith and grow closer to Him. The process of healing and recovery is the process of restoration through Jesus Christ. No matter where we are in our own journey, one day or 25 years, these are the words that will help strengthen our Christian faith and point us towards the victorious life that God intends for each of us.